To collaborate deeply with you in your challenges to activate change — which empowers you to see yourself, your team, and your community differently — and create growth, transformation, and connection.

“The key to change is to be okay with fear. It will always be there. The key to change is to be okay with fear. It will always be there.”

– Breanna Hatchern



Breanna Hatcher is an executive coach and facilitator for business and organization leaders with over 14 years of experience. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies and the top 100 nonprofits, and enterprises in London, Delhi, Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney.

Breanna’s clients take their leadership to a higher level. They balance execution with intuition, and they consistently exceed their goals by skillfully managing people, projects, and politics. Breanna’s coaching has also helped her clients leverage their strengths and obtain promotions.

Breanna designs and develops customized training programs for organizations and teams. All programs begin with a thorough needs assessment, clarification of goals, and a clear definition of success. With her interactive, high-energy style, Breanna creates learner-centered content with experiential activities. Her clients balance interactive activities and personal learning. The result is a more powerful team.

Training topics include Communicating Performance Feedback, Discovering Your Strengths, Create Authentic Coaching Conversations, Behavioral Interviewing Skills, Delegating for Results, Difficult Conversation at Work, Effective Presentation Skills, Spontaneous Speaking Skills, and Strategic Planning.

Breanna is the Program Director and primary trainer for Leadership San Leandro, a nine-month program that has developed more than 500 leaders in a wide range of enterprises. Graduates have effective skills in management, talent development, communication, and networking.

Additionally, Breanna facilitates retreats and off-sites. She develops and leads workshops on core management skills, behavioral interviewing, transition into leadership, coaching for leaders, and teambuilding. Breanna is certified in MBTI, Leadership Architect, VOICES 360, Strengths Finder, Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration, and Strategic Planning by the Center for Strategic Facilitation, Institute for Cultural Affairs.

Breanna has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Santa Clara University and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. She received her professional coaching certification after a two-year in-person program with The Coaches Training Institute.


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  • Apple

  • APIEA Chabot College

  • California Career Pathways Trust

  • The Climate Corporation

  • Divine Home Care

  • Eden Health Care District

  • NorCal Kenworth

  • Okta Inc.

  • OSIsoft

  • Prezi

  • Shorenstein Properties

  • Riverbed Technologies LLC

  • San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

  • St. Francis High School

  • United Contractors


Breanna is an insightful, thought-provoking, and challenging executive coach. I have worked with her professionally and personally several times in the last 6 years. She not only assisted our organization in up-leveling our leadership program, but she instills confidence and positivity in everyone involved. Her decision-making coaching methods have helped me tremendously when facing transitional next steps and goal achievement strategies. The impact of her coaching style is so encompassing; you don’t fully recognize it until you reflect on your success because it truly becomes part of you

Emily Griego, CEO of The San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

Breanna is an example of what great coaching and facilitation should be. With her deep experience working with diverse organizations, she is the subject matter expert in her craft. Breanna is an authentic, passionate, smart, and a down to earth professional who brings years of experience and a natural ability to help people be their best in whatever they want to be. If you are looking for a life-changing experience, work with Breanna.

Christopher Esposito, Vice President of Human Resources, Prezi

Breanna is an action-oriented executive coach, inspiring and articulate facilitator, and respected  community member.  She takes the time and effort to ask the right questions, do her research and find data before creating a truly customized solution or roadmap.  She is acutely aware of corporate culture and core values, and is masterful in weaving those elements into her end product.  Breanna is able to take traditional learning tools such as Strengths Finder, and embed them into  solution for a modern, diverse world.  Breanna is passionate about coaching and find joy in her individual and corporate clients’ success. Her optimism and charisma is magnetic, and it is always my pleasure to refer people to Breanna! 

Michelle Gadker Anderson, Senior Vice President, Lending Chevron Federal Credit Union



Hatcher is an executive coach and facilitator for business and organizational leaders. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, the Top 100 nonprofits, and enterprises in London, Delhi, Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney.


Breanna facilitates retreats and off-sites to help your organization achieve your unique goals. Her facilitation design enables a group to work together more effectively by creating an open dialogue, uncover old assumptions, resolve old conflicts, and surface mental models. It supports the group to think differently, create a shared language and enhance communication styles to move toward your goals.


Breanna develops and leads workshops on core skills including communication skills, discovering your leadership skills, presentation skills, difficult conversations, conflict resolution, transitioning into leadership, creating authentic coaching conversations, managing for new leaders, navigating transition, effective interviewing, and networking and career advancement.  Breanna is certified in MBTI, Leadership Architect, VOICES 360, Strengths Finder, and Community at Work Facilitation Skills.


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“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” – Brene Brown