Breanna develops and leads workshops on core skills including communication skills, discovering your leadership skills, presentation skills, difficult conversations, conflict resolution, transitioning into leadership, creating authentic coaching conversations, managing for new leaders, navigating transition, effective interviewing, and networking and career advancement.  Breanna is certified in MBTI, Leadership Architect, VOICES 360, Strengths Finder, and Community at Work Facilitation Skills.

Short-term Impacts

Obtain needs and audience analysis, identify learning objectives. Participate in diverse interactive activities to encourage involvement. Improve identified skills for your group or team. Puts employees into action around their growth and enhances their self-awareness.

Long-term Impacts

Enhances employee engagement and employees successfully apply their skills in new ways on the job. Improves job performance and employee retention. Optimizes business outcomes through increased team interaction through a greater understanding of each other.

Sample 3-Month Coaching Plan

Objectives for Leadership Retreat

  • Identify and understand your leadership strengths.
  • Discover new ways to leverage your strengths.
  • Build the network within this team. 
  • Enhance the team’s communication skills. 
  • Set professional development goals. 

Day 1

  • Welcome – Ice Breaker
  • Shared Agreements
  • Discover your Personal Strengths: Through StrengthsFinder 
  • The Team’s Leadership Strengths
  • Lunch
  • Team Building
  • Facilitated Discussion: What does success look like for this team? 

Day 2

  • Hero Party – Ice Breaker
  • Powerful Speaking through Storytelling
  • Leadership Logistics 
  • Create Your Personal Leadership Vision
  • Completion Exercise