Breanna facilitates retreats and off-sites to help your organization achieve your unique goals. Her facilitation design enables a group to work together more effectively by creating an open dialogue, uncover old assumptions, resolve old conflicts, and surface mental models. It supports the group to think differently, create a shared language and enhance communication styles to move toward your goals.

Short-term Impacts

Successful facilitation includes a thorough needs assessment for your organization. Resulting in a better understanding of what your group needs and uncovering the biggest obstacles to achieving success. Additionally, it builds shared accountability to the goals.

Long-term Impacts

A facilitated initiative builds a common language, allows the group to develop shared milestones, develop sustainable agreements and a culture of collaboration.

Sample Facilitation Plan for 1-Day Retreat | Retreat Goals

  • Enhance understanding of the vision

  • Present past achievements

  • Discuss current challenges to achieve the vision

  • Clarify new goals to overcome obstacles and achieve challenges

Month 1

  • Facilitator meets with the CEO to discuss the plan and next steps
  • Executive Committee invite 4 to 6 members (+ facilitator) to be on the Design Team
  • Scope of authority: give input and feedback on the process and design of the
  • Level of responsibility: be available for meetings, give input, support the goals of the retreat
  • Facilitator attends the next board meeting
  • Contract is signed

Month 2

  • Needs assessment conducted by the facilitator with 10-key influencers
  • Design and implementation team meets and discusses design ideas for the day
  • CEO and facilitator meet to go over needs assessment results

Month 3

  • Design Team meets to discuss the final design
  • Facilitator discusses with the CEO and key leaders final design
  • Retreat is complete
  • Implementation team gives feedback on the retreat and clarify action items

Design for day of the Retreat


·     Begin with small group team building activities around values:What do you most value about being on the board?

·     Small group activity with the vision document & small teams report out 

·     Milestone map presented by CEO

·     Overview of challenges and opportunities based on needs assessment

·     Gather ideas on what changes need to be made


·     Discuss key ideas in pairs and then to the larger group

·     The team selects 1 or 3 actions to tackle based on morning discussion

·     Presentation of board guidelines

·      Practices activity done in small groups

·     Confirm next steps and actions/accountabilities